• End Federal Income Tax
  • Cash Out Of Retirement Accounts Penalty Free
  • Nationalize The Fed: 100% Reserve Gold Backed Currency: Debt Jubilee
  • Increase Competition For Elected Offices
  • Healthcare: Legalize Competition & Decrease Costs
  • K-12: Federal Government – Hands Off
  • Post Secondary: Free-Market Education Contracts
  • Food Security & Family Farm Revitalization Act
  • 2nd Amendment: “shall not be infringed”
  • Legalize Cannabis
  • End US Government Involvement In Human Trafficking

End Federal Income Tax (H.R. 25: Fair Tax Act)

States collect a national sales tax, including social security and pay the U.S. Treasury. Workers keep 100% of their earnings.

One’s personal labor is the property of one’s self; the fruits of which are NOT “income” but are the result of a free trade or exchange at the exclusive free choice/will of the laborer.
Federal Income Tax is unconstitutional and is theft; to be ended by H.R 25 or the like along with the I.R.S., the collection arm of the Federal Reserve Bank; both of which will also be ended/restructured.

The Cash Out Act

Cash out of any 401k, or IRA immediately without tax or penalty.

401k contributions as well as IRAs are the property of the named account holders and shall be convertible to cash at will, without tax or government restriction. The Deep State occupied U.S. government has been colluding with Wall Street and the global central banking system to farm investors and tax payers like sheep, shearing their wool every 7 years via the “business cycle” where wealth is EXTRACTED from investors and transferred from the many to the few. The Intention is to destroy the sheep-pen and let the “sheep” keep their wool/wealth without penalty or undue force used upon them to coerce them into participating in a system rigged to steal their retirement just before they need it.

Provide Conditional Presidential Emergency Powers To Protect “We the People”

If systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) are placed into receivership and If they are wound down via Orderly Liquidation Authority as provided for in the Dodd Frank Act, the President shall have the authority to:

  • Declare a Debt Jubilee thus wiping out all existing debts.
  • Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Declare the US Treasury holdings of the Federal Reserve Bank null and void.
  • Unwind all mortgage backed security holdings of banks into their component mortgages and issuing deeds.
  • Declare all mortgages paid in full.
  • Demand deeds be transferred to the payors.
  • Demand titles to autos be transferred to the payors.
  • Declare all student loan debts paid in full.
  • Declare all credit card debt be reset to a zero balance.
  • Authorize a snapshot of all bank and credit union deposits which convert to Class A shares and all previous share and bond holders are wiped out thus losing 100% of their shares and who if in a management role, may maintain the position temporarily until new leadership is chosen by shareholders.
  • Issue a Gold & Silver Backed parallel physical and Crypto Dollar at a 1 to 1 ratio of paper/coin/crypto to physical in actual reserves at a fixed exchange rate to the existing dollar & an exchange timeline of no more than 60 days.
  • Provide for temporary relief for renters to suspend contractual obligations to pay rent and mandate rents adjust according to the value of the new Gold Backed Dollar at a time when order has been sufficiently reinstated.
  • Grant temporary Presidential authority over essential services to maintain order and the protection of people and property until the free flow of currency is restored.
  • Re-value banks solely based upon their deposit snapshots.

Increase Competition For Elected Offices & Eliminate The Need For Political Parties

Implement a free market principled political leadership accountability system.
Political “Parties” will disappear thus obliterating the Swamp Recruitment Network! Provide oversight to monitor possible campaign finance workarounds and racketeering!

Via a public/private partnership co-create a state of the art politician evaluation system which measures promises vs performance/voting record as compared to the values and interests of the voters. The system would increase transparency and accountability with more reliance on facts and less reliance on “spin”. It would also enable “fantasy politicians” to vote in their districts on legislation and create a voting record in real time. A member of Congress would literally be voting while her/his potential competition would be voting as well. The network would encourage the free flow of competition of ideas and consensus building. Those in office would receive real time polls and know exactly when their votes and positions were in alignment with the governed and when their positions were contrary to those of their constituents. A running record would be tabulated of the congressional members’ alignment with their constituents or the lack thereof. There would be no place for the corrupt politician voting against their constituency to hide.

Notifications of representative votes could be published to social media feeds with representative summaries on each vote which would literally be like receiving a letter from a representative on every vote. Voters would see which other “fantasy politicians” are more aligned with them and the “fantasy player” could receive real time statistics on voter support for their voting record should they choose to run for office. A politician in office could see how many other competing politicians are more aligned with their voters than they are. The politician in office would literally be competing for their job on EVERY VOTE with other potential politicians in their districts.

There would be no need for a Constitutional Amendment for term limits. The free market would eliminate massive corruption by decreasing the barrier to entry to political office and increasing transparency of the deeds of elected officials as they are aligned with their electorate as well as promoting the competition and consensus building of ideas.

Healthcare: Legalize Competition

“The Swamp” Controls Healthcare; having built moats and walls around special interests to protect them from competition.

Objective: Slash prices via free market competition and deregulation. Identify anti-competitive government regulations which prevent free markets from operating and rescind them. Legalize competition allowing markets to freely compete. Government provided healthcare makes as much sense as government provided cell phones for all wherein everyone has the same phone, phone plan and there is zero competition. The Healthcare system is broken and MORE government is definitely NOT the solution!

Education: K-12

Educational institutions will become more responsive to the actual fiduciaries of children, their PARENTS.

Since the Constitution grants the Federal Government no authority over Education, the 10th Amendment applies:
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

  • Education should be free from all federal government subsidies, including vouchers, tax incentives, and loans, except with respect to veterans.
  • Support the unimpeded right of parents to provide for the education of their children.
  • All current federal legislation related to education will be repealed. No new federal laws subsidizing or regulating education will be enacted.
  • No federal agency, department, board, or other entity may exercise jurisdiction over any aspect of children’s upbringing.
  • Education, training, and discipline of children are properly placed in the domain of their parents.
  • Under no circumstances should the federal government be involved in national teacher certification, educational curricula, textbook selection, learning standards, comprehensive sex education, psychological and psychiatric research testing programs, and personnel.
  • Nullify the “No Child Left Behind” Act, and all regulations imposed by the Department of Education, and reject federal monies allocations for grades K-12.
  • Forbid the President of the United States from intervening via Executive Order in the matter of K-12 Education.

Education: Post-Secondary

The U.S. Treasury will implement and oversee an elective, monetary system integrated, study-now/pay-later, contract based, cryptocurrency post-secondary funding system.


  • Cause a complete, market based, k-12 reform which will become extremely responsive to the needs of students, thus necessitating free market, merit based, K-12 teacher pay.
  • Encourage inter-post-secondary institution competition for the best students who in turn will garner the best contract terms.
  • AI driven actuarial meta-data will help students increase their odds of having institutions compete for them to attend their institutions as well as place the prospective students in a better negotiating position to execute an educational contract which will most benefit them.
  • Reduce Corruption by leveling the playing field based strictly upon actuarial projected capabilities of the student to gain optimally paid employment.
  • Promote alumni involvement in the educational institution’s responsiveness to the needs of the ever-changing workplace.
  • Attract the most highly qualified instructors who have a proven track record of student success.
  • Encourage post-secondary institutions to proactively scout instructors as enthusiastically for education as they do for coaches and student athletes.
  • Provide real time data to prospective students regarding the average return on investment of their potential “education contract” options with side by side comparison shopping capability.
  • Convert existing federal student loans with terms equal to a fraction of what the payors previously owed and establish the institutions where the payors studied as the payees.
  • Implement an Interest Free method of funding post-secondary education.
  • Post-Secondary institutions rise and fall based on “natural selection” and their abilities to meet the needs of the market..
  • Educational Contract repayment plans are executed via payroll system automatic deductions based on pre-selected contract repayment terms.
  • “Gig-Economy” friendly education contract payment options.
  • Place highly trained graduates in the workforce who exceed the needs of market entry positions.
  • Create intelligent, effective and efficient education and capability matching systems.
  • Reduce the potential occurrence of non-paying contracts or under-employment via statistical post graduation analysis thus allowing institutions to monitor and adjust dynamically.

Food Security and Family Farm Revitalization Act

Food Security is National Security

Objective: Remove barriers to farmers from providing food to local communities and encourage “We the People” to store 3-6 months of shelf stable, locally produced and preserved, healthy/organic food, utilizing free market techniques in the name of national security, (Should truly be enacted immediately; 2019!)

Why: Global monetary systems are in the process of being reset. EXTREME measures are being taken to keep our current systems functioning. The Federal Reserve Bank is intervening in the monetary system daily to prop up markets. The food system in the U.S. is completely dependent upon credit and tens of millions of people are getting loans for the food they eat via swiping a credit card. If credit were to be turned off for an indeterminate amount of time, there would be no food in restaurants and grocery stores and no gas in gas stations. This is by far the largest immediate, existential threat to America and the world in general and is triggered merely by the loss of confidence, and the flip of a switch!

How: Spring-boarding off of the success of commercial “Opportunity Zones”, those who want to grow, harvest, transport and or preserve food for others will be able to do so via:

  • Zero Income Tax for farmers, employees and those who earn a living exclusively from enrolled farm products..
  • Zero capital gains tax for farmers.
  • Zero sales tax on any food produced, preserved, sold, or traded by anyone in the program or by those purchasing or trading food which originated within the program.
  • Zero property taxes for 10 years within Family Farm Revitalization Zones.
  • Protection from eminent domain land seizures.
  • Complete outstanding back-tax forgiveness across the board for family farmers.
  • Public Outreach program notifying the public to be ready for a supply surge of affordable fresh produce ready to be preserved, The public will be encouraged to practice and perfect preservation techniques before harvest time.
  • Encouraged bartering of preserved food tax free.
  • Freshly preserved food becomes a source of wealth, physical health as well as psychological and emotional stability.

2nd Amendment Position: …shall not be infringed.

Consider this scenario: The Federal Reserve Bank fails to intervene within our broken monetary system or in spite of intervention confidence is lost within a given “market”; a credit crisis hits, no groceries, no credit, cash only and scarce cash as there is 30x the commitment to cash in demand deposit accounts in banks than there is EXISTING physical cash. Everyone is hungry and hungry gangs have formed to collect food “for the greater good”. They collaborate with what is left of the law/government and via “Red Flag” laws, they determine you are a threat to others where all of your personal property is seized including your firearms, food and shelter for the greater good.

200 million unarmed humans have been imprisoned or slaughtered by their government leaders in the last 100 years alone, ”…shall not be infringed”; final answer,

Decriminalize AND Deregulate Cannabis

End The War on Pot

See H.R. 3884 Decriminalize Cannabis, release prisoners, expunge records of possession related charges and create a trust fund intended to help rehabilitate the previously incarcerated to curb criminal recidivism.

End U.S. Tax Payer Sponsored Forced Child Labor, Sex & Organ Trafficking

H.R. 2121 is just the tip of the iceberg. Congress shall protect and preserve the rights of the most vulnerable via legislation and oversight.

Human trafficking, including forced labor, forced breeding, sex and organ trafficking is abhorrent. Under no circumstances shall ANY being, knowingly under U.S, jurisdiction especially government employees participate, directly or indirectly or give safe harbor, launder funds in support of human trafficking. Anyone convicted of organized trafficking will be remanded into the custody of the U.S. Federal Prison system where they may be held for perpetuity after conviction or until the date of their execution.

Time To Act!

When you get and wear a wristband, you are making a REAL STAND for:

  • We the People
  • Liberty
  • Freedom
  • Abundance
  • Love
  • Human Dignity
  • Respect
  • Justice
  • Rule of Law
  • The U.S.Constitution
  • Financial Reform
  • Sound Money (Gold)
  • Building The Wall
  • Strong Borders
  • Immigration Reform
  • Draining The Swamp
  • Ending The I.R.S. and the C.I.A
  • Eliminating The Federal Department of Education
  • Shrinking The Federal Government
  • Prison Reform
  • Strong Military
  • Free Markets
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Personal Property Rights
  • Peace
  • Prosperity