Antifa vs. Trump Voters…

The biggest distraction EVER!!!
Listen to President Trump who is the ULTIMATE PREPPER!!! He just told farmers to BUY LAND and BUY TRACTORS…made in USA tractors;) Why? He is telegraphing what is to come… The Federal Reserve is purchasing bonds from banks to the tune of $70 BILLION/DAY!!! They are not doing this as a policy action. They are doing this to prevent the entire U.S. dollar global complex from imploding! The system has already failed, The earthquake has happened and the sirens are sounding and the wave is coming. We can choose to stay distracted by Red. vs. Blue or we can begin to come together to weather the coming INEVITABLE FLOOD.

YOU the citizen need to prepare, get to hard assets, food, land, maybe precious metals (my gut tells me deflation before inflation but only a few know for sure) to take care of yourself, your families and your loved ones. If you have the bandwidth for politics, please help people like me represent We the People so we have representation when the tsunami hits. 401ks, pensions, bank deposits, social security, credit cards etc. are all in play.

It’s time to take focused action!

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