Fast Forward To The “Endgame”

The issues put forward on the homepage assume the endgame as thus:

  • There will be constant conflict and a series of crises through the 2020 election.
  • The pitched battles leading up to the 2020 election will be centered around narrative control and “pre-crash” positioning.
  • The central reason for this conflict is for no less than the proverbial “Ring of Power” ( If you recall, the inscription on the ring of power from Lord of The Rings read, “One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all and in darkness bind them.”)
  • The Ring of Power is the power to declare what money is, who controls it, how it is created or destroyed, who becomes enriched and who becomes enslaved.

The very nature of “Fast Forward” assumes we have skipped over the details of the rising action and place us directly in medias res. That being said, let’s skip to the climax and work our way back. You will find everything will begin to make sense because you will understand exactly what is at stake and why all of this chaos is occurring and most of all, you will be able to asses exactly what is in YOUR best interest and in the best interest of We the People.

Caution: The Devil is in the details and a few lines within new legislation will determine whether you are a SLAVE or FREE.

Global monetary systems will be reset. Our focus is on the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

The powers that be have already tipped their hand in 2011 when Dennis Kucinich introduced H.R.2990. This is the manifestation of what is known as “The Chicago Plan” from the 1930s also known as a “100 Percent Reserve System”.

Grab your favorite beverage. Take a deep breath. Put your thinking cap on. Invest the time to read and research. Those involved in the ongoing war assume you are lazy and will make zero effort to comprehend the ACTUAL reason why the world is in such disarray.

Banks vs US

Within H.R. 2990 The US government becomes THE SLAVE MASTER.

All credit created by banks under the fractional reserve banking system becomes USA Money and all banks are made WHOLE. If someone owes a bank money their debt will be payable to the federal government by the bank as they receive payments from YOU. You’re debt remains at 100%, zero debt reduction!

Government debt is a completely different story: Just print money and pay off the debt. The government legislates that they have zero debt under this plan yet is the recipient of every debt payment from you and me via the banks who have essentially been bailed out by the US government. How does that work? Our government becomes the ruler of We the People rather than the servant of We the People.

This is exactly what the establishment wants! Keep power and make the people completely dependent upon the government. And the government can issue as much money as it chooses, limited by nothing and nobody, a credit card with no limit. Magic Money.

So what do WE want?

100 Percent Reserve Banking AND a single-country gold standard

If systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) are placed into receivership and If they are wound down via Orderly Liquidation Authority as provided for in the Dodd Frank Act, the President shall have the authority to:

  • Outlaw fractional reserve banking
  • Tranistion to a 100 percent reserve and gold backed banking system
  • Declare a Debt Jubilee thus wiping out all existing debts.
  • Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Declare the US Treasury holdings of the Federal Reserve Bank null and void.
  • Unwind all mortgage backed security holdings of banks into their component mortgages and issuing deeds.
  • Declare all mortgages paid in full.
  • Demand deeds be transferred to the payors.
  • Demand titles to autos be transferred to the payors.
  • Declare all student loan debts paid in full.
  • Declare all credit card debt be reset to a zero balance.
  • Authorize a snapshot of all bank and credit union deposits which convert to Class A shares and all previous share and bond holders are wiped out thus losing 100% of their shares and who if in a management role, may maintain the position temporarily until new leadership is chosen by shareholders.
  • Issue a Gold Backed parallel physical and Crypto Dollar at a 1 to 1 ratio of paper/coin/crypto to physical in actual reserves at a fixed exchange rate to the existing dollar & an exchange timeline of no more than 60 days.
  • Provide for temporary relief for renters to suspend contractual obligations to pay rent and mandate rents adjust according to the value of the new Gold Backed Dollar at a time when order has been sufficiently reinstated.
  • Grant temporary Presidential authority over essential services to maintain order and the protection of people and property until the free flow of currency is restored.
  • Re-value banks solely based upon their deposit snapshots.

All government, private and commercial debt is paid in full and can be traded for a gold backed currency. This reduces the accounts receivable by banks to zero. All of the banks become owned by the depositors and would be made whole by the US Treasury via the newly issued gold backed currency. Banks then become repositories and may charge fees for services. The entire world of banking would completely transform as REAL WEALTH AND POWER IS TRANSFERRED TO WE THE PEOPLE!
Is complete freedom and true liberty worth fighting for? I think so!

This is EXACTLY why we are in a state of constant chaos! YOU can VOTE for your total and complete liberation from debt slavery and indentured servitude to the criminal banking system on November 3rd, 2020!

Will you?

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